Kids Gold Throne Chair
Kids Gold Throne Chair

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Clients asked….So we are proud to introduce our newly arrived adults and kids throne chairs. Regardless of your event audience, they will be impressed! In appreciation for our clients with visions that matches our own, we are proud to provide the following introduction prices for events reserved prior to midnight on August 31, 2018. Due to the limited quantity available for rental, a non refundable fee of $100 will be deducted from the rental cost for all cancellations. 

Silver & White Adult Throne Chair 1 = 200
Silver & White Adult Throne Chair 2 = 350
Silver & White Adult & Kid Throne Package (4 chairs) $525.00
Silver & White (King or Queen)  Kid Throne Chair 1 = 125
Silver & White (King & Queen)  Kids Throne Chair 2 = 200
Gold Kids Throne Chair 1 = 125
Gold Kids Throne Chair 2 = 200